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Are you looking for ways to upgrade your home without having to call a contractor? As we head into the final days of summer and the fall selling season approaches, now might be the best time to make use of your at-home vacation days and upgrade your house or condo to get it ready to sell.

Transforming your space without a contractor is possible. Home improvement do-it-yourself (DIY) work is widespread these days. All you need to do is get home improvement supplies ready and make some changes all by yourself. So, what are these ideas for upgrading your home without requiring repair?

Take note of our top tips to upgrade your home without a major dose of reno work.

Create an Open Concept Space

Open concept has increasingly become a popular must-have for homebuyers. So much so, that most homeowners would want an open floor plan wherein the kitchen, dining room, and family room share a large free space. You might also see that formal dining rooms are out of style and less seen in new-builds. Creating an open space in your home is a great way to make it more appealing and improve the overall look of the property.

How exactly can you create a no-renovation open concept living space? This upgrade for your home is a lot easier than you think. Start by getting rid of the bigger and bulkier furnishings in your home or move these furnishings around your room to see what placement offers the most open space. Adding mirrors are also a great option. If you place a mirror opposite the windows, they will reflect light into your room, making it look more open.

Lastly, you can also turn your formal dining room to a home office, cozy den or library room, making the current space a lot more usable.

Update Door Handles and Drawer Pulls

Updating cabinetry comes with a multitude of options. You can choose from many finishes like bronze, aged copper, brushed nickel, and shiny stainless. It might be hard to select the option that works best for your space, but you can always buy two different styles to see which one best works in your room.

Consider how your design choice will impact your living space. Do you want a modern feel, or are you more concerned with practicality? Put together a Pinterest board to help determine what type of feeling you want your room or home to have.

Ways to Upgrade Your Home – Add New Lighting

Proper lighting could bring a room to life, making it appear airy, open, and welcoming. On the contrary, a poorly lit room would look dark, small, and cramped. You can easily buy floor lamps or table lamps to add new lighting to make a significant difference without much effort.

Another no-renovation upgrade for your home is to add tall floor lamps placed in the dark corners of a room, layered with lamps on the side tables. A small change in adding height and dimension can make your living area feel cozy and welcoming. If you want your lighting to be more of a feature in the room, you can also replace any outdated ceiling fixtures with beautiful and modern pieces.

Design an Outdoor Space

An excellent DIY project that can make a world of difference is an outdoor space. One option is to start with an outdoor rug to define a spot for your outdoor living area if you do not have a dedicated space. After that, consider adding seating, such as a couple of comfortable outdoor chairs or a picnic bench. From there, if you add small decor, like throw cushions, dangling string lights, and small fire pit — your outdoor space will come together quickly.

Add Wallpaper or Fresh Paint

Wallpaper now comes easy-to-install with removable peel and stick options or unpasted wallpaper. With bold designs that can take any plain wall and make a statement, your possibilities for temporary wallpaper are endless. Not only are they reusable and simple to remove, but they also make any room look like a professional interior designer was on board for what is a DIY project. You can cover the main wall of the bedroom using a peaceful pattern or update the living room by including a wall with a jazzy geometric patterned paper. Make sure to read the fine print and research your purchases to buy from professional and reliable companies only.

One clean coat of paint could also take the room from being drab to being fab. It would help if you considered adding a stroke of colour on an accent wall and merely touching up the trim using a clean coat of your white paint brand.

Update the Bathroom

Thorough cleaning is the first step to overhaul the bathroom – and most other rooms in a home. The shiny result often provides the perfect motivation to spruce up the rest of your property and do some decluttering. Take care of the light fixtures, old knobs, faucets, vanity, and shower curtains.

Changing these small items could make the bathroom look new and modern. Lastly, if you want to make a dramatic but affordable update, a fresh coat of paint or some more peel-and-stick wallpaper could be the perfect refresh any bathroom needs.

If you aren’t ready to attempt no-renovation home improvement ideas, a good place to start is by doing a deep-clean of the entire home. Cleaning your most-used spaces can easily enhance your mood and make your living space a lot more relaxing.

Indeed, an intense cleaning and a new coat of paint could go a long way in terms of revamping rooms without significant repairs or renovations. You can also rely on some home improvement apps or home improvement books for help or tutorials.

Global home improvement is a trend for every homeowner. If you want to make home improvement but don’t want too much repair, then the ideas mentioned above are sure to help you hit your goal.

If you’re looking for ways to add value to your house or condo before the fall selling season starts, simply fill out our form below to set up a no-pressure meeting. We have plenty of ways you can make your home shine and stand out, putting you ahead of the competition.


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    Great article! There are tons of ways to get that new look this year! While it’s still summer doing a simple renovations like the lists of suggestions above are great starter! It doesn’t need to be costly though even a simple indoor plants will give freshness to your place. Thanks for sharing this tips to everyone!


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