Buying Pre-Construction Condos in Toronto

How to Buy Pre-Construction Condos in Toronto – The pre-construction market isn’t what it was five years ago, where any investment purchase was nearly a guaranteed win. Today, you need education on developer reputation and a solid analysis of projected valuations in order to know if your choices are good ones.

I get that pre-construction buying is complicated. I’ve worked for over 13 years in this market and have represented hundreds of buyers – I know the process can be daunting.

This is why I’ve created this guide – I will walk you through the buying process, what to expect when working with my team and me, and the ins and outs of how we select good projects for our clients.

The Benefits of Buying a Pre-Construction Condo in Toronto

  • Extended Deposit Programs available through many newly launched projects
  • Working with a VIP / Prestige Broker will get you in first, making money within the first few months of the sales process
  • You can take advantage of buying at today’s pricing by buying strategically and with the right analysis
  • The buying process is well-defined and clear
  • Appreciation while your investment is built
  • New condos tend to sell for more money and rent out for more money
  • You don’t need to get a mortgage right away
  • There are selling/renting options upon occupancy

How Working with a Pre-Construction Broker Benefits You

Let’s set the record straight when it comes to VIP or Prestige Brokers. Working with a real estate broker who understands the pre-construction market is the number one step any buyer can take.

This is true even for a seasoned investor, but especially true for a first-time buyer. You need to have someone in your corner that represents your best interests.

At TRB we have direct relationships with the city’s most important Developers, and we have solid partnerships with many of the representing sales teams. This means we’re designated to have VIP or Prestige status.

One of the biggest advantages of working with a Broker that has true VIP status is that they get first access to suites when they’re released. By having this access, their client gets to purchase at the lowest launch prices available, making them the most money possible out of any other purchasers.

Did you know the developer pays any and all realtor fees associated with your pre-construction condo purchase? It doesn’t cost you anything – $0.00 – to have a professional in your corner.

Working with a seasoned broker who has financial expertise can ensure you don’t get caught in a bad purchase with a bad development that’s not going to make you any money. An experienced pre-construction broker will know about assignment clauses, deposit structures, levy caps – all critical elements that go far beyond picking finishes and signing on the dotted line.

How Pre-Construction Condos Are Sold

Most developers in the city follow the same process for selling their condos. They partner with trusted brokers that they have experience in working with to ensure a smooth and seamless process that’s easy for both the clients and their internal teams.

Being a VIP / Prestige Broker with the top developers in the city, I’ve fine-tuned our process to ensure our clients get the best access, the best pricing, and the most understanding out of buying pre-construction in Toronto.

I’ve taken everything I know and everything my clients want to know and wrote this informative eBook – How to Buy Pre-Construction Condos in Toronto to help you understand how the process works.

It’s packed with tips, deposit structure examples, and what you need to know not only as you make your purchase, but what happens after, and when you get the keys to your new property. Even if you’re just starting to learn about pre-construction or are a seasoned investor, you’ll find this guide helpful.

Click below to download and if you have questions, want to set up a time to chat or you’d like to discuss any of our top pre-construction condo projects, get in touch with me right away.

~Romey, Founder & Lead Broker – Toronto Realty Boutique
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