Condo upgrades to add value


Adding value to your condo is something we get asked about quite frequently by our clients. Condo living can have its benefits, but when it comes to renovations and upgrades, most are not sure what they can and cannot do.

While you may love your condo, from time to time, situations arise where you may need to consider selling to move into a bigger home or to a new city.  So, what can you do now to add value to your condo? Here are our top picks.

#1 – Start with a Deep Clean

Cleaning your condo weekly makes it look nice for your friends and family but it’s always good to start with a really deep clean. There’s little pockets of dirt and grime all through your place, in each and every room. Hire a service or spend a rainy day putting in a little elbow grease and you’ll notice a big difference. Bonus tip: change your HVAC filters to keep your condo dust-free longer.

#2 – Pack Up the Clutter

You have all sorts of precious items on display in your home. But, at times, they make it harder to see the features of the condo. Since all those items will be moving with you anyway, why not pack them up now? Rent a climate-controlled storage unit and put it to good use. Once the clutter is out of the way, you’ll find it easier to see what it will take to add value to your condo.

#3 – Take a Good Look at the Floors

If you have hardwood flooring in your condo, make sure that it’s cleaned and freshly coated with a sealing agent. Something with a low gloss will work well. Along with protecting the floors, the slight sheen will be appealing to prospective buyers who wonder how their things would look in the space.

If you do have carpeting in one or more rooms, consider the condition. Cleaning carpets will certainly add value to your condo. When the carpet is beginning to show signs of wear, consider replacing them as an investment in your condo. Fresh carpets will do wonders to your sales appeal.

Another great option if your floors are looking worn is area rugs. Places like Ikea have affordable rugs that look great in any space. Just remember to keep to a neutral colour profile.

Herringbone flooring condo

#4 – Freshen the Walls with New Paint

Getting rid of those trendy coloured walls may be hard but remember that you will not be living there much longer. Potential buyers will be much happier when they walk in and see wall colours that won’t clash with their furniture.

#5 – Make the Most of the Natural Lighting

Those heavy window treatments are going with you anyway, so pack them up and invest in lighter treatments that allow in a lot of natural light. More natural light creates the illusion of more space and will certainly add value to your condo.

Sheers can be a good idea, or even a simple panel of drapes to add a bit of texture to your walls.

#6 – How About the Ambient Lighting?

Consider updating the switches and any recessed lighting in the condo. The cost is minimal, and it will give the place a more contemporary look. Dimmer switches are an excellent idea for overhead fixtures, since the light can be adjusted to show off the room’s best features.

#7 – Update the Cabinets & Door Pulls in the Kitchen

This is one of the best ways to add value to your condo. Painting the cabinets in your kitchen and replacing the door pulls on the kitchen cabinetry is an inexpensive way to increase the visual appeal of the space.

#8 – Install Closet Organizers

Condos don’t always have a huge amount of storage space. That includes the closets in the bedrooms and hallway. Consider investing in organizers that ensure every inch of the closet is put to good use.

Prospective buyers will take one look and picture if it’s possible to fit all their clothing, shoes and other items in your space, and organizers will showcase that it’s indeed possible.

Condo Closet Organizer for Men

Enhancing the market value of your condo is not as hard as you think. There a several inexpensive ways to make your condo more appealing to prospective buyers. A weekend or two of a little hard work may even make you second guess putting such a great space on the market.

But once you do, you’ll reap the rewards of the work you put in to make your condo shine and get a higher valuation than you thought possible.


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