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Toronto gyms can be found on nearly every corner and in every neighbourhood. Mega fitness facilities to bespoke training spaces – there is something for everyone, and every level of physicality.

With the recent popularity of smaller spaces focused on one or two practices, many Torontonians are visiting different gyms based on their desired workout several times a week. Gone are the days of year-long memberships – now it’s purchase by package and book well in advance. This has many benefits to not only the independent owners, but the loyalists who have their favourite spots across the city.

Here are some of our favourite places to get your sweat on and perhaps experience a new type of workout that you may have never done before.

Flyt Club Toronto – 809 Dundas Street West

At FLYT Club, their MO is fitness beyond the physical – the ability to survive, adapt and thrive in your environment is a product of the physical, mental and spiritual. FLYT attempts to honour this idea by creating a supportive community, diverse in offerings, that challenges individuals to dig deeper and uncover a new strength and a greater sense of self.

Best gyms toronto Flyt Club

Their Dundas West location near the Trinity-Bellwoods neighbourhood offers traditional boot camp and spin classes, but their unique offering lies in their Muay Thai classes. They teach various levels starting with the Fundamentals class and by the looks of their Instagram videos, it will give you quite the workout.

Boxing and Kettle Bell classes will also test your strength and your core, while offering a new way to get fit. The facilities look nothing but inspiring, even for newcomers who may be the slightest bit intimidated by the powerhouses teaching. But don’t be shy as they’re some of the friendliest instructors in Toronto.

Scull House Rowing – 35 Jarvis Street

The rowing trend is predicted to be as big as spinning, and if you’re trying to book a class at Scull House Rowing, you’ll tend to agree. Increasing in popularity week by week, this rowing studio is the latest trend to hit the Toronto fitness scene.

Best gyms toronto Scull House Rowing

Rowing uses over 85% of the muscles in your body and burns more calories per minute than cycling, running or swimming. Rowing offers a unique combination of cardiovascular conditioning and strength training in one workout. Rowing torches calories and results in huge fitness gains.

Scull House classes are high-energy, high-intensity, low-impact, and will be sure to motivate you to push yourself to new levels. Their 55-minute classes are a mix of core-focused rowing and mat work to give a sweaty full body workout.

Drop Boxing – 161 Spadina Avenue

Boxing fitness is another type of boutique fitness activity that’s taking the sweat-industry by storm. You’ll likely see boxing studios popping up in some of the downtown neighbourhoods welcoming first-timers into their doors.

Best gyms Toronto Drop Boxing

Drop Boxing says it right on their website – first-timers welcome. You don’t need to have Rocky aspirations in order to get your sweat on. 55-minute boxing inspired group classes are perfect for those who are looking for a different workout but the same group pump that places like Soul Cycle offer. The facilities look gorgeous and remind us of one of our favourite boxing fitness gyms in NYC.

Sign up for the weekend warrior classes before your standing brunch dates for a full body pump, or if you’re looking for something targeted for upper or lower body, check out their dedicated weekly schedule sure to make every muscle in your body ache in a good way.

Soul Cycle King West – 435 King Street West

No list on boutique fitness in Toronto would be complete without mentioning Soul Cycle. We absolutely love the location in the King Street West neighbourhood – the spin studio is large with only three rows of bikes in front of the instructor which makes it seem a lot less crowded as you’re splashing in sweat.

Best gyms Toronto Soul Cycle

Spinning is here to stay so if you’re a fan of loud music, involved instructors and a dark environment to spend some quality time with yourself, you found the place. The uber popular weekend classes fill up quickly so set your alarm for noon on Monday’s when classes for the week open up. You can pick your bike which is great for first-timers who don’t want to be front and center for their first attempts at the dreaded tap-backs.

With so many fitness options across Toronto, it’s no wonder those looking to purchase a condo or home always want to know what gym options are within walking distance. It has become part of the city lifestyle, so the convenience of having a spot you love close by is a trend that’s certain to not fade away.


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