Riverdale Toronto


The Riverdale neighbourhood should be high on your radar if you’re looking for an area of Toronto that values community vibes with plenty of green space and if you can imagine it, quiet surroundings.

Streets in this area are lined with trees, abundant greenery, friendly faces, neighbourly porches, happy adults and playing children. The many Edwardian and Victorian homes lend itself beautifully to families and young professionals looking for a sense of peace close to the hectic city.

This neighbourhood is a lovely mix of old-and-new. Brick houses corner each street, but many have modern, upbeat, finishings and plenty of unique details. On any given day, streets are lined with running groups, strollers, and brunch dates – many headed to the Riverdale Perk Café for their extremely popular baked goods and all types of coffee drinks.

If you’re someone who is looking to put down some roots or find a sense of balance, Riverdale might be the right place for you. Located between Cabbagetown, the Danforth, Broadview Avenue, and Leslieville, it’s a pocket-sized gem that seems to pay tribute to the simple pleasures of everyday life without losing the everyday luxuries of Toronto city-life.


Riverdale Real Estate

The popularity of the Riverdale neighbourhood has skyrocketed over the past year, making prices reflect the high demand of living in such a wonderful community.

What makes this area so high on house-hunters’ lists is all that is has to offer for a long-term hold. Creating a place to call home for many, many years. The types of houses in this neighbourhood are also at the top of most lists: large Edwardian or Victorian homes. So combine that with safe, residential streets and great parks, makes for the perfect storm for most listings.

Another crucial factor in how much you pay is the school district a home falls into; it’s not uncommon for houses in the Frankland or Jackman school districts to sell at a significant premium. Get off the main streets and you’ll find that Riverdale isn’t all huge detached houses, although even at the more affordable end of the spectrum, houses can be pricey.

If you’re hoping to make Riverdale your next neighbourhood, do your homework and be prepared to move quickly. Demand here is high, and residents don’t often leave until they are considering downsizing. When listings do come up, they tend to disappear rather quickly, and most often in bidding wars.

Eating and Drinking

An essential part of being in Riverdale is good eats within easy reach. With The Danforth to the north, and Leslieville to the south, there’s no shortage of good and bad in the ‘hood.

Taste of The Danforth, the once-a-year food party sets the tone and pace of The Danforth’s eternal pull: Simple food delivered with speed and flavour.

For some time, The Danforth has generally been about Greek tavernas and generic, chain restaurants. There isn’t much that separates the various Greek joints, and most have their own version of crowd-pleasing dishes. Messini, Pan, Mezes (for gyros, various seafood, and calamari as specialties in each case) are all good spots that fit the expectations of most diners and fill their tummies with good offerings–the requisite Tsatziki, Skordolia, Tiropita, Moussaka, and of course the star of the show, Souvlaki.

However, if you want Greek food on The Danforth that is a cut above, check out Athens Restaurant just east of Pape. Everything is delicious there, but the lamb and village salad are standouts and our top picks. This is a place that is unpretentious and delicious.

Brunching at the many restaurants and cafes in Riverdale can be an all-day experience on any given Saturday or Sunday, but our top pick has to be Riverdale Perk Café – it has always been that cute, little cafe on the edge of Withrow Park where you feel you need to stop and remove yourself from city life. It’s peaceful yet social, and you’ll have a strong cup of joe in your hand while you sit on their ever-charming patio. They do excellent smoothies, homemade soups and a great Morning Glory muffin. Their brunch is also standout.

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