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Yorkville is easily one of Toronto’s most stunning neighbourhoods. You can find everything from high-end shopping, upscale restaurants and beautiful homes – which also puts this little village on the map as one of the most expensive areas in North America.

Visiting or living in Yorkville, you’ll find a stretch of boutique shops and designer brands in the district’s most distinct area, carrying big names like Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Hermes as well as a number of luxury hotels.

Yorkville wasn’t considered its own town until it was annexed into Toronto in 1883 – here, you’ll see remnants of this historical background like Victorian architecture and cobblestone streets. It’s easy to spend an entire weekend discovering all this captivating neighbourhood has to offer – from good eats and shopping to art galleries and museums.

Best Shopping Destinations in Yorkville

Yorkville is a shopping destination – regardless if you’re coming into the city for holiday or you’re a local that has lived here for years, if you’re looking to treat yourself, this is your destination for anything your heart desires. The main strip of Bloor Street is home to some of our favourite spots for window-shopping, especially around the holidays when Gucci, Louis and Hermes stun with their displays.

The newly renovated Yorkville Village houses a number of boutiques and offers a nice warm place to shop during the cold winter months. At TNT you’ll find some of the most exclusive pieces for men and women – if you’re looking for an Oscar dress, you’ll find it here.

Hotels in Yorkville

The Four Seasons Yorkville. Need we say more? The flagship hotel just celebrated its sixth anniversary in Toronto and it’s still the top hotel for us in the city. At Toronto Film Festival time this place is buzzing with action – from celebrity-sightings to the iconic photography display, it’s a destination in itself, even if you’re not laying your head to rest there at night.

Cocktails at DBar is among our top people-watching spots in the city, and dinner or brunch at Café Boulud is an absolute must – local or tourist.

Best Yorkville Restaurants

Yorkville restaurants are known for their outstanding food, incredible cocktails and some of the best people watching in town. One of our favourite spots is the rooftop of Kasa Moto – delicious sushi among the treelined rooftop is the perfect spot for a mid-afternoon break from shopping.

If you’re looking for a more casual or affordable stop, Hemingway’s has been a staple in Yorkville since as far back as we can remember. In the colder months, there is no better bar to saddle up to than The Oxley Public House – they have a wonderful wine list and a great menu for either an afternoon snack or a delicious dinner.

And no list of where to eat in Yorkville would be complete without Café Nervosa – order an Aperol Spritz and the Capellini with tomato sauce, sun-dried tomato, goat cheese and basil. You won’t regret it – not for a second.

Living in Yorkville

Yorkville has real diversity within its Avenue, Davenport, Yonge and Bloor St borders when it comes to living options. You’ll find condos, townhouses, semis, and of course, those grand detached homes that we all dream of. Hazelton is one of our favourite streets, and at the time of writing this post, there is a stunner for sale that needs some tender-loving-care. If you have seven figures to spend and are looking for a project – this could be your opening to living in Yorkville.

Considering the convenience and luxury living in Yorkville has to offer, the heavy price tag is something to weigh accordingly. The lifestyle of living in this stunning part of the city, coupled with the walkability, and convenience of this exclusive neighbourhood make for a lifestyle that is worth every penny.


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